The Cosy Hat


Bespoke Faux Fur Poms

Image of Bespoke Faux Fur Poms

Our Handmade Faux Fur Poms can be added to your choice of Cosy Hat. Simply choose your Pom & say which colour Cosy Hat you would like it on!

Teal Foxy : beautiful bright teal blue with black tips
Caramel Foxy : simply delicious caramel coloured pom
Midnight Foxy : soft but hagrid hairy pom, a bit more grr than purr
Chocolate Foxy : rich chocolatey brown with plum tones
Scarlet Foxy : beautiful bright scarlet fur with fine black tips
Pheonix Foxy : taupe base running into bright rust with black tips
Fire Foxy : bright lemon base with super bright tangerine tips
Reynard Rouge : rusty red base colour with black & caramel tips

Cosy Hat Colours
Pinkie Greenie Tangerinie Sports Fit
Ruby Red Oxford Blue Sports Fit
Gorgeous Grey Cosy Cream Perfectly Pink Slouchie/Pixie Fit